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Our new company Logo !

As we continue to grow our business we have decided that we needed a recognisable business logo. Some of our ideas ranged from a shield design to bright colours but for a couple of months we just couldn't seem to get it right. Then one day driving home our boss had a moment of inspiration after seeing this advert on the back of a bus....

The idea was to make the logo to tie in with the world famous Broadway shows ,a sort of name in lights that was easily associated with the area as well as the famous stage name ! We played around with a few early templates as show below

Just as we had hit a brick wall we were messaged on Instagram by liverpool logos asking if we would like them to design us a logo, 2 days later we were the proud owners of our brand new logo & we are over the moon with it ! In the coming months we aim to get our Van's & fitters kitted out with the new logo & add it to our invoices & all social media platforms.

Our ultimate goal is to make our unique brand noticable around our local community, all over Merseyside & beyond !

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